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We help on mental stress, mental disorders and addiction problems

Every pilot knows what we are talking about: sometimes a wet runway with 2 km left is quite too short for a safe landing. On your car the ABS helps you to brake, on plane there is the A/S. But who will help a pilot if he has one’s troubles and the load to stay in those limiting red lines of licence law gets too heavy to carry on? Who will take off the pressure then?



We took up the cause to the maxim: peers are helping peers. So we support colleagues who are concerning about their psychological fitness to fly. But it is not only the person affected who worries, often his relatives and intimates do so as well and are looking for a competent person of contact.


Together with specialised therapists, aviation medical examiners, clinics and a professional functional Programme Supervisor we give advise and support to persons looking for help - if you would prefer -  also with anonymous state.

We conciliate fast the right measure and the adjusted dose of professional help needed, in every single case, without any red-tape and absolutely confidential.



Our targets are:


  • to maintain the health of the peer
  • to preserve the licence and the job
  • to solve mutually problems in everyday life (private ones and those occurred “inflight”)
  • and in addition: to keep the highest-possible confidentiality

To ensure a more comfortable reading flow on our website we are generally using the male form but would like to point out that -of course- the male notation always includes the female meaning and vice versa.

To whom is our help aimed to?

Psychological burdens – also drug or alcohol addictions - often lead to further problems in your privacy and on your official business. If everyday difficulties of flight duty come additionally on top, your personal limit to handle those circumstances can be achieved much more quickly. In this case our network AntiSkid can help the parties affected to maintain the medical certificate / license or to regain and –if requested- we can give advice to their families and friends as well.

And why AntiSkid?

The „Red Lines” of licence law are clearly known and have to be obeyed from every single one of us, self-reliantly, of course. Otherwise the loss of licence is an imminent danger, whether your AME (aviation medical examiner) knows about it or not. In this case, lawmakers confiscate your license for several years, which is highly existence-threatening. And only the well-defined and complicated paths of treatment will ensure that the person affected could regain a valid licence.



The alternate: to participate in the AntiSkid programme will offer you the opportunity to get back “on the line”, quickly and legally. We don’t use tricks, we are no magicians – but our treatment offers do meet every authorities’ requirements which is needed to regain the licence.
For more than 30 years now, we have been working together with every department involved and this in deep confidence. This enables us to using the well-known “short official channels” and to find elegant solutions for simply “daily occurring problems”.


But what does that mean: “daily problems”? Do those problems occur really every day? Yes, in Germany, in every year 27.8 % of the adults are suffering from psychological disorders (est. 2017). But even how beautiful life above all clouds is – we as aviators are as well part of those group of adults!


Mutual trust, professionalism and fair treatment among peers are the base of the AntiSkid programme. We accompany the colleagues affected throughout a hard time and support them on their way. But as it is said on plane: YOU have control. The AntiSkid programme  will not substitute the pilot’s decision to use the brake. But AntiSkid might help, that a wet runway with 2 km left could be long enough for a safe landing.


On our homepage we have gathered some further information revolving the issues: loss of license, psyche and consulting. But the most important information is stated on the top of this homepage– it’s our telephone number. When you are doubt- simply call us and have a talk!