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The established professional structures of AntiSkid group offer also a direct way for sustainable treatment when psychological problems have occured.
We would like to show you on a fictitious example, how our help with that kind of problem could look like.


  • After a radical “inflight” event, combined with a near-by loss of control of the plane, a peer has developed a latent anxiety of flying. But this he is able to control throughout the years.
    Additionally for him, there is now a great psychological stress due to a divorce and differences in custody about the children.
    The peer now establishes kind of depressive symptoms, like fatigue, difficulties in concentration, insomnia and brooding.
  • This aerophobia is increasing and working inflight is getting nearly impossible for him. So to that reason the peer will reported himself at crew contact to be more often sick.
    He told his AME (aviation medical examiner) and a valid medical was denied.
    This case was passed forward to the LBA. The peer was looking for help at AntiSkid.
  • Within several days he met with the programme supervisor to survey his case and thereafter he met two AntiSkid guides for having a counselling interview.
  • After signing an advisory protocol an in-patient therapy in one of those with AntiSkid cooperating clinics was offered to him. The admission to hospital often takes place within one week. Then a therapy with psychotherapists in clinic began, enduring six or eight weeks of treatment began. The therapist is also in constant contact with our AntiSkid Team, the programme supervisor and our peers. During the course of this therapy, a sick note was given to the peer.
  • The therapy might be positive and the peer met once again with our programme supervisor. After another consultation with the in-patient therapists, the expert might decide to release the peer for being fit to fly, again. The survey was send to the licensing authority.
  • After validation of his case by the licensing authority, a valid medical certificate was given to the peer back again. He will continue to participate in an out-patient- therapy with a therapist, who is cooperating with us. The whole programme will take two years.

AntiSkid is reliable for pilots suffering from addictions to substances and / or psychological behavioural disorders.

As we are seperating from other helping-programmes it should be mentioned that in case of psychological disorders AntiSkid only provide for those disorders which are stated as a disease. We don’t provide for critical incidents or daily problems in partnership, family, of financial kind or those applying to work in general.


To ensure a more comfortable reading flow on our website we are generally using the male form but would like to point out that -of course- the male notation always includes the female meaning and vice versa.