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In 2020 AntiSkid is celebrating their thirty-fifth anniversary!


At the very beginning there was only a small group of pilots who could not accept the fact, that pilots addicted to alcohol are left alone and with no better option than the loss of their job.

Therefore in 1988, an extern supervising expert was established in order to provide for qualitative improvement of the working conditions on scientifically founded terms.


In the beginning our focus was on the issue: alcohol and the abuse of it. Due to the course of time the treatment of drug consumption, abuse of painkillers and sedatives came on top, to be followed in 2016 by a huge extension from our side, the treatment of all kind of psychological problems and disorders was added. Today, the mainly part of our clientele are those with chronic burdens, anxiety disorders and other traumata.


 We have increased as a help system during the last years. Other countries have developed similar systems and we do collaborate.

Flight operations and aviation authorities like EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and the LBA (German federal aviation administration) have a rising interest in establishing a healt management system within the airlines as well as to encourage prevention, which became an important issue.

It started at the Lufthansa group, but now further airlines throughout Germany are participating in AntiSkid meanwhile, like Eurowings, Lufthansa Cargo, Cityline, TUI, SunExpress, Condor, DHL , Aerologic und DRF.


To ensure a more comfortable reading flow on our website we are generally using the male form but would like to point out that -of course- the male notation always includes the female meaning and vice versa.