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Guiding Principle

Of paramount importance at Anti Skid’s is the help from peers to other peers. Our team of pilots working on voluntary basis create the connection -like a link in a chain - with the daily life “inflight” and the medical / psychological treatment of a colleague affected. We do offer a comprehensive and collegial care to every peer, commencing with the first contact until the end of treatment.


Initially we give advice directly to persons affected, then to relatives and colleagues who are worrying about the peer. During the course of a personal conversation we give information about our work and the miscellaneous treatment offers. Followed by a professional examination and the choice of the appropriate treatment we support the peer’s contact with the psychotherapist and -if required- we accompany our peers when they need to go into the clinic. During the whole time of treatment there will be a personal contact person / peer and a monthly group meeting, as well as we are permanent available for any kinds of questions and in times of crisis.


Our guides regularly participate in trainings and further education about the latest psychotherapeutic and medical findings, trainings in conversation and in handling with burdens. 

AntiSkid is working group-wide and all the involved parties are subject to statutory secrecy. We never will give information to the employer.


Our volunteer and collegial help and support is interconnected with a closely collaborating system of professionals. Deeply involved here are psychosomatic clinics, psychotherapists working with outpatients and with long-term experience in treatment of pilots as well as AME’s (Aviation Medical Examiners), GP’s (General Practitioners) and a laboratory specialised in examinations for sobriety and total abstinences.

The whole programme is coordinated, supervised and scientifically-proven by our independent programme supervisor, Dr. Annette Schmidt and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Bühringer.


Additionally, we are in close and permanent contact to airlines, flight operations, to LBA (German Federal Aviation Administration), Vereinigung Cockpit (labour union of cockpit members) and BDL (Federal Association of German aviation) but without being accountable to anybody nor having the duty to give report to anybody. Therefore, in all times compliance to statutory requirements is given. 


AntiSkid – an interconnected system of voluntary help and professional treatment is supporting colleagues in terms of mental emergencies and helps you to regain your license and medical fitness.


Besides this help in solitary cases we give lectures and hold seminars at the airline’s premises. The main target here is to prevent psychological problems and to keep everybody informed about the AntiSkid programme. We give information about possible risks and critical events which could lead to mental disorders and give information about our own measures against it and the offer for an early intervention to avoid the severe course of the disease.


Further airlines and flight operations are at the ready to push forward a collaboration with AntiSkid. The set up of a foundation is on the way.


AntiSkid gives advice and helps all persons concerned in the cockpit, their colleagues and relatives and this without any red-tape and very quick.


To ensure a more comfortable reading flow on our website we are generally using the male form but would like to point out that -of course- the male notation always includes the female meaning and vice versa.