are helping pilots

“Curve” and “AntiSkid”!

...wet runway (with rest of alcohol contaminated
Low Visibility (reduced self awareness)
High on Speed (inflight or at home always full power mode)
Low on fuel (low on money, financially defile)
Backside-of-power-curve (loss of social component: family, divorce, cases of death)
Normal brakes......no pressure
Alternate brakes......alcohol !


“The curve” I couldn’t manage to do it anymore – loss of control!
(an essay)

Like this - or very similar to this- many “Air-Driver” would feel if it gets too slippery when wet. Nearly everybody has read the advertisement of AntiSkid in VC-Info, but then, everything is done – and gone! But doubts were still there– am I already “on the correct lane?” Should I call them? AntiSkid?

But it didn’t went that far. Kind and observant, brave female colleagues did that for me. They talked to me on that issue, gave their concern and contacted AntiSkid for helping me. So due to this AntiSkid came to me!

I felt like I was caught in the trap! Threatened! But the first call with AntiSkid wasn’t like talking with an enemy. Not at all! It was caring and like an invitation. I had a pleasant first meeting with the two guides of AntiSkid, which have taken advice about possibilities and consequences in a very understanding and clear way. To go to the doctor to have a blood sample taken was a duty. The results was showed a few days later and was communicated to me. I never will forget this “phase of flight”. Then we talked about personal circumstances and we were looking for solutions – and then –with much good intend of AntiSkid Team – a contract for out-patient treatment was agreed. That meant: no in-patient stay in hospital! At first I was removed from high-speed mode, controlled by AntiSkid (AS) and I felt safe – but then I suffered a relapse! Loss of control – the second time! I wasn’t able to manage the curve and crashed into the crash barrier, barely!

This “crash barrier”, a Team of three of AS, was very hard to crash into, but now I realized, behind those crash barriers there was nothing good to come out. And after all jostling - time had come to go in the garage (clinic for addictions).
This did cost me a great efford to go into the clinic, but very quick I realized the sense in this step and recognized how great this chance would be. In the clinic, there were lectures, group- and single meetings, even couple-theraphy was offered. As well there were optional further steps in the programme which I recognized as high potential and a good tool for managing life. The only thing What you have to do is to accept it, instead of struggling against it.

The willingness to cooperate between therapists and client was very ambitious and helpful. I even decided not to go home meanwhile, but to take the time in Lindow for clearing personal matters – without any disturbance. On my point of view, this was a very valuable time, but with lot of lumps and bumps.

After the release from clinic the programme continued under surveillance of the AS. The consistently monitoring of the blood and hair samples supported your will of sobriety. In group meetings you learn from colleagues and get the chance to bring yourself in. To be accompanied by a specialised psychotherapist leaded to significant influence on my new life in future, and this in all aspects. Reflected I kept the facts as followed:

In the first year I was very busy to correct my behavioural pattern, that is to defend “non-drinking” in an environment which is very comfortable and habitual with “drinking”. But I brought it to acceptance. For me I described it as “transforming unwholesome habits into beneficial ones”.

In the second year a comfortable safety was built around me. I didn’t thought of consuming alcohol for priority. It was not needed anymore to create a pleasant environment in social life. On my way on satisfying abstinence I learnt that my emotional value has changed in a positive way.
In the third year I established at myself that my thoughts were much clearer and faster than before (the neurotoxin alcohol wasn’t working anymore). This led to a definite better energy body balance and a sustainable better quality of life. My body with his organs and my psyche were well, now!
Not only for me but as well for my female partner in life (who I was allowed to marry in third year of AS!) and my children, the process has contributed to a sustainable lucky partnership, with great help of AS.


At this place I wouldn’t want to miss to declare my deepest thanks to the entire Anti-Skid Team, the physicians, the psychotherapists, the peers of group-meeting, and –last but not least-thank you to the friendly and helpfully team of the clinic in Lindow! This guys have guided me to manage the hardest curve of my life!

At the same time I would like to encourage all colleagues – in cases of doubts in your personal status with your handling with alcohol or drugs, and in cases of severe situations in your life- to contact the –maybe - best tool of the world: ANTI SKID

With this in mind – take good care, the runway might be slippery....:-)