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In 2018 AntiSkid is celebrating their thirtieth anniversary. At the beginning there was a small group of pilots who cannot accepted the fact, that pilots addicted to alcohol are left alone with no better option than the loss of the job.

In 1985 an extern supervising expert was established having the target for qualitative improvement of the working conditions.

In the beginning our major issue was on the point - alcohol and the abuse of it. Today, maybe owed to current times (overload), the treatment of drug consumption, the abuse of painkillers and sedativa, as well as psychological distress (p.e. burn-out) came on top. We have grown with our responsibilities. Other countries have developed similar systems and the chiefs of flight operation themselves were interested in establishing a specialised health care management in their airlines. And the topic of prevention was getting more and more important.

Started at the Lufthansa group, many other airlines like Germanwings, Eurowings, Lufthansa Cargo, Cityline, TUI, SunExpress, Condor, DHL , Aerologic  and WDL are contributing, meanwhile.

Our structure

At the very first position at AntiSkid’s is the help from peers to other peers. We are a team of pilots on voluntary basis, who create the connection with the daily life “inflight” and the medical / psychological treatment of a colleague affected. We are a closely branching network of clinics for the in-patient part of treatment; of therapists, a monthly-meeting support group, specialised independent physicians and laboratories and –of course- this is us: pilots of many airlines. With this structure we work all-embracing and are obliged to a high discretion, of course. Our guides regularly participate in trainings about the latest medical discoveries, conversation- trainings and handling with burdens. Owing to this knowledge we are able to offer as well external advice as the like prevention-work and information, trainings for pilots and their superiors.


Our cooperations:
Beneath the outpatient practices, psychotherapists and physicians in different german locations, we work also with SALUS Kliniken for in-patient treatments.
Additionally we are in good and constant contact with flight operations, AME’s, laboratories, licensing authorities, the LBA, the Vereinigung Cockpit and the BDL, without being committed to account for any information to anybody.

Our future:

Furthermore we give priority to our Peer group for pilots – peers are helping peers. We would like to increase on importance to our prevention work and give more lectures regarding this issue. Further airlines are on their marks to start the cooperation with AntiSkid. To the fore - and with the highest priority- is the personal advice – but as well the anonymous- for persons affected and their relatives. To set up a foundation is to be planned.